I have been enjoying Maria Popova’s excellent blog, Brain Pickings. There is an article on Leo Tolstoy’s book, ‘What is Art?’ (1898), in which he distinguished ‘real’ art from its antithesis by its ability to ‘destroy in the consciousness of the receiver the separation between himself and the artist.’ He called this infectiousness, citing three essential […]


Artistic Intention

I am still finishing my pigs. Someone referred to animal farm, but it was not meant in that way. One needs to take the reigns at some stage. Compositionally the pig’s head works to the far left of the table, but it is then situated before the blue gowned pig, which would inevitably be read […]


Here’s the rub

The rate and magnitude of nature’s destruction must shift purposes and bearing. I am struggling to find value in objects, when thousands are starving because of drought, or murdered for defending their land, and our beautiful natural world is being ransacked and destroyed at an ever accelerated pace. And yet it seems art is intrinsic […]