The Coffee Art Project 23 – 26 April 2015

The Old Truman Brewery www.coffeeartproject.com

This exhibition is linked to the theme of coffee and brings together the works of artists who took part to the Coffee Art Project Competition.

Public view: Thurs 23 April – Sun 26 April / Private View: Fri 24 April 2015 | 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Thurs: 4pm-8pm | Fri: 11am-10 30pm | Sat-Sun: 12am-6pm – Fri 6.30pm to 10:30pm by invitation only
Free Admission Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at opening times

A narrative draws from Lady of Shallotte and Madame Bovary. Social interaction is central to café life, where it is also possible to be solitary and inspired by the general hum. It has been argued that internet socializing can accommodate our atomized state and augment separation. Connection could be exile’s masquerade.

This woman’s Lancelot is a cyber date fiction, and the curse is played out in the lapse between life and what is not life. ‘Hell is other people.’ She steps out of her protected pod via a virtual window. Coffee is an agent of heightened communication. Here, as in some quarters of social media, it becomes poisoned.
Because who wants to be cast in an unknown, messy consciousness. And there’s always a flip side.

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