New Art Classes

New art classes are starting up again on February 17th, at the Holly Lodge Community Centre in Highgate, post refurbishment. On the second Friday of each month, the group will meet to draw from life in cafes, bars and stations. On March 10th we go to the fabulous King’s Cross Station. This provides an excellent complement to the life drawing study, while public drawing diffidence is wonderfully erased in company!

It is anticipated that a space will shortly come available for a new class in botanical drawing and painting. The venue is at the wonderful Time and Talents Centre in SE16, and would start in early March – details to follow soon.

I took a sabbatical from making art, disenchanted and slightly paralysed by the business of it. Maybe I was a little hasty. Art’s true worth can be obfuscated beneath the markets, but still, beauty remains indispensable, and priceless.

The discrepancy remains in the making of artefacts when all energies, at this unique point of ecological crisis, need to be directed towards conservation. Yet nature can be honoured, justified, even, by artists with that intention.

Having seen my online work copied or plagiarised, I do not feel particularly inclined to post more writing or images, certainly not photographs, here. It seems wiser to devote more energy to exhibiting in galleries, which offers a slightly tougher membrane of copyright.

Camilla Scaramanga