Meat without salt

Meat without Salt - King Lear

‘Why, I love you as much as meat loves salt,’ said the King’s daughter. And he banished her in a rage. It was not until some time later he was dining at a friend’s castle where he was served saltless meat, that the King dissolved into tears. By then his daughter was a maid working in the scullery. They were reunited, as the King had tasted the impossibility of meat without salt, and understood her love.

This fairytale is either a derivative of King Lear, or vice versa. Folk tales go back and back. The point is, that a good gauge for what is really important, are the things that you cannot do without.

But that is a process of discovery. You must engage in order to know what it is that you cannot do without. We can live a loveless life and think all things are fine until watching Portrait of a Lady one Christmas, off our heads on vegan ice cream. Making art is a fabulous journey. That is why some artists don’t travel geographically all that much.