I had planned to teach life drawing at Mother Studios, but the studio air turned out to be particularly stagnant, and I had to cancel; asphyxiating others was not an objective. I am leaving Mother and returning to Highgate. New classes will be starting in September in Highgate and central London.

I was thinking of fairytale illustration prints, and began with some watercolour and pencil sketches of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Whatever designs one may want to make for a tale, the right cue, one that might never have occurred, always the right one, as right as a flower can never be wrong, comes from life. I had stopped sketching outside, using images from my bank of newspaper cuttings and photographs. There is undoubtedly truth to be found in collage, but it can’t be sought to fit something else (at least not here). I really needed models, but the budget will not allow at present. I have to go out into life and collect from there, and take a cue from the ingenious postures of others.

At the beginning of August I taught abstract landscape colour pencil drawing with the Holly Lodge playscheme. The children ranged in ages from 9 to 14, and their wild, unique imaginations brightened everything. Discussion points skimmed the table surface; one flew about the unattainable pot at the end of the infinite rainbow, and a particularly talented artist of 11 popped up a veritable solution, with a syndicate of millionaires created by an app for infinity that she would organize. With the smallest opportunity, children are the most uplifting, inspiring company.

I have returned to linocut heads, I am not sure how the will turn out. They are sitting propped on the mantelpiece, deceptive black marker stand ins for what will not print, gouged landmarks for the whites.