Inspiration, Observations

Natural animation

I find myself caught up again in the dilemma of making artefacts for which we praise or disparage ourselves, and nature, nearing crisis point and more important than ever. How can an artist contribute to nature – this has been an age-old dilemma. I found that actually being inside the place one wanted to draw […]


Artistic Intention

I am still finishing my pigs. Someone referred to animal farm, but it was not meant in that way. One needs to take the reigns at some stage. Compositionally the pig’s head works to the far left of the table, but it is then situated before the blue gowned pig, which would inevitably be read […]


Moving art

In cafes, in the streets. In all fairness. As a city dweller, I recognized the ideas of Unanimism conveyed in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. Woolf wrote of the ‘Life of Anybody’, the stream of consciousness not confined to one, but synonymous. The interconnection of characters and consciousness evinces sacred avowals of oneness. Such ideas ran […]